Home Break In Reported in Back Country Friday Night

Greenwich Police report that on Friday night there was a home beak in on Cutler Road while the resident was home around 9:00pm.

On WGCH 1490 radio Greenwich Police Chief Heavey said that when the house was approached it was all dark, although the resident was home.

The resident heard a loud noise and when they responded they confronted the intruder, who then fled.

Greenwich Police responded to the residence, as well as State Police and a canine but they were unable to find a lead to the intruder.

Heavey said there was recently a similar attempt in Northcastle, NY, and advised homeowners to set lights on timers even when they are home, to lock doors and activate alarms.

Greenwich Police have a service we provide so when you’re away you let us know, dark house procedure. so we can we can keep an extra eye on your house. “dark house procedure.”

Car thieves continue to target Greenwich. On Monday morning Greenwich Police caught up with an individual operating a stolen car out of Southington. They initiated a pursuit of the car until it left Greenwich, then they notified state police.  Later the same morning, police learned vehicles had been entered on Summit Road. Heavey said he believed the two incidents were related.

“We don’t want the community to be identified as an easy mark,” Heavey said. lock your cars every time, everywhere. That really helps us. If we’re not a target rich environment, they’ll go somewhere else.”

Police are also investigating break ins of four vehicles on Sunday morning on Talbot Lane in Byram – a Jeep Wrangler, two Toyota Siennas, and a Chevy Equinox.

The thieves rifled through the vehicles, all unlocked, stealing loose change.

“Lock your cars, every time, every where,” Heavey warned. “In almost five years we have almost not had a single car stolen that didn’t have the keys in it. We could eradicate car thefts if people would just take their keys into their house.”