High Bond Set for Greenwich Man Arrested in Stamford with Heroin


On March 11 at about 2:30pm, Stamford Police patrolling Lawn Ave., an area known for crime and the sale of narcotics, observed a 2010 black GMC SUV pull into the apartment complex and the driver exit the vehicle.

While the vehicle was left running, the operator, later identified as Christopher Ceci, 25, a resident of Greenwich, walked up the south side stairwell where officers lost sight of him.

As officers circled the block, they saw Ceci get back into his vehicle and exit the apartment complex, turning west onto East Main St.  It was observed he was not wearing his seatbelt and a motor vehicle stop was initiated.

According to Stamford Police, a metal spoon with white residue was observed by one of the officers lying on the front passenger seat.  There was also black book bag on the seat as well that Ceci used to try to cover the spoon.

Ceci was questioned by Stamford Police about his activity in the apartment complex and he stated he was there to visit a friend, “James.”  According to the Stamford Police arrest report, Ceci was unable to give the apartment number or location within the complex for his friend “James,” and stated his visit was so short because “James” was not  home.

Ceci said he had used the spoon to eat applesauce and yogurt prior to visiting “James” and the white residue was from the yogurt, and, according to Stamford Police, at this point, Ceci began to show signs of nervousness, labored breathing, and was shaking uncontrollably.

According to Stamford Police when Ceci was asked to exit the vehicle, he would not comply.  He stated he thought the request was not justified and he was going to call his lawyer.  The officer observed an open, red pocket knife lying in the foot well of Ceci’s seat.  Ceci was then advised a second time to exit the vehicle, but because he wouldn’t exit, was taken out and eventually placed into handcuffs after a brief struggle.

During a pat down, a clear Ziploc bag containing 13 folds of suspected heroin, a syringe, a metal lighter, multiple rubber bands, two plastic tubes and a small metal bar, were located in the front left pocket of Ceci’s jacket, and, according to Stamford Police, upon further search, two more folds of suspected heroin was located in his front right pants pocket.

Upon searching his vehicle, another Ziploc bag containing eight white oval shaped pills was located inside the book bag on the front passenger seat.  Ceci stated to Police that he takes the pills for his anxiety, but didn’t have a prescription for them.

Ceci was placed under arrest, transported to Stamford Police Headquarters for booking and processing, where he was charged with Interfering with Police, Possession of Narcotics with intent to sell, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Illegal Storage of Narcotics, Possession of a Controlled Substance, Possession of narcotics, and Weapons in a motor vehicle.   The suspected heroin tested positive and Ceci’s bond was $25,000. He has a date in Stamford Superior Court on March 25, 2015.