Half Dozen Charges for Drunk Driving Teen with BB Gun and No Driver’s License

On Saturday, May 30 at about 11:15pm, Greenwich Police Officers came upon an accident that had just occurred in the central Greenwich in the area of Mason Street.

Investigation revealed that the operator, Hector Ouimette, 19 of Spindle Hill Rd in Wolcott, displayed red glassy eyes and smelled of burnt marijuana. He also displayed slurred speech while speaking to to police who determined that Ouimette was an unlicensed driver.

After failing to perform a series of field sobriety tests to standard, a search of Ouimette, turned up two 50 ml bottles of alcohol. Ouimette is 19 years and is not of legal drinking age.

A search of Ouimette’s car turned up several empty alcohol bottles, a Daisy Black Powerline .1 77cal BB gun and 11 Crosman C02 cartridges.

Ouimette was charged with Unsafe Movement, Using a Cell Phone without a Hands Free Device, Operating a Motor Vehicle without a License, and Operating a Motor Vehicle Under the Influence Under 21, Weapons in a Motor Vehicle, and Possession of Alcohol by a Minor. Ouimette was issued a court appearance date of June 15 in Stamford Superior Court.

Ouimette was unable to post the $1000 Bond.