Greenwich Woman Charged by Warrant for Larceny, Disorderly Conduct and Assault

Earlier this month, Greenwich Police responded to a home in back country on a report of a physical fight involving a woman believed to be intoxicated.

While on scene, police determined that before they arrived, the suspect, Suzanne Cathleen Goodnow, 22, of Greenwich, had been in an argument and hit and scratched the other person multiple times before taking the other person’s car keys without permission and driving off. The incident happened in around 1:20am on April 9.

Investigation on scene determined that Goodnow initiated the verbal fight and escalated to a physical fight within the residence.

Police obtained the arrest warrant for Goodnow for Larceny 6, Disordelry Conduct and Assault 3.

After police served the warrant Goodnow was charged and released on $20,000 bond.

She was assigned a a date in Stamford Superior Court on April 26, 2022.