Greenwich Police Search for Drug Suspect Who Abandoned Car in Chickahominy and Fled on Foot

Early Friday evening, during a Port Chester Police drug investigation, a suspect fled in the direction of Greenwich, engaging police in pursuit.

According to a statement released from Greenwich Police, the suspect drove through Chickahominy and abandoned his car at Hamilton Avenue School and fled on foot, eluding police.

The Port Chester police called for assistance from both the Westchester County Aviation unit and Greenwich Police. Throughout the evening a helicopter circled around Hamilton Ave School.

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Around 8:30pm Friday night, a city bus proceeds west on Hamilton Ave after undercover police stop and board the bus during search for suspect who has thus far eluded Greenwich and Port Chester Police. Credit: Leslie Ygaer

helicopter over Chickahominy

Circling over St. Roch Ave, a Westchester Aviation Unit was part of a search for a drug suspect who fled from Port Chester Police on Friday. The suspect bandoned a car at Hamilton Ave School and fled on foot. The suspect remains at large. Credit: Leslie Yager

On Friday night multiple Greenwich Police units were present on Hamilton Ave and undercover police could be seen stopping and boarding a city bus to look for the suspect and searching side streets.

According to a statement from Greenwich Police Lt. Gray, both Greenwich and Port Chester police searched and continue to search for the suspect, who they say is not a danger to the community.


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