Greenwich Police: Organized Crew Breaking Into Vehicles with Force

Greenwich Police are warning residents not to leave valuables in their cars, even when locked, after responding to a series of thefts from motor vehicles with force.

“We believe we have an organized crew specifically targeting affluent areas where people leave purses and items of high value within the vehicle,” said Lt. Kraig Gray of Greenwich Police, adding that the incidents have involved cars parked in driveways. “It doesn’t matter if it’s locked or not. If they see it, they’ll take it.”

Since January there have been 18 larcenies from motor vehicles overall.

From the end of February through March 9, five vehicles were broken into with force.

“Other communities are suffering similar types of thefts,” Lt. Gray said, adding that the trend is regional and Greenwich investigators are coordinating with agencies in the region.

“The takeaway is lock your belongings in your trunk or take them out of your car,” Gray said. “Don’t leave valuables visible.

“If you see someone acting suspiciously, looking in vehicles, or doing laps in your neighborhood who you don’t know. Or if there are multiple persons in a vehicle driving through your neighborhood slowly, call Greenwich Police,” Gray said.

While police announced on March 9 that a number of unlocked high-end SUVs have been stolen, the incidents of motor vehicle larcenies by force represent a separate trend.

“We are adjusting their patrol patterns to address both trends,” Gray said.

The Greenwich Police tip line is (203) 622-8004 or email [email protected]

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