Greenwich Police Issue Warning: K2/Spice Linked to Multiple Overdose Deaths

Multiple recent overdose events attributed to K2/Spice have been reported in Connecticut, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Illinois. These overdose events have involved 5F-ADB, a potent synthetic cannabinoid known for its dangerous adverse effects in humans.

The active ingredient in K2/Spice (5-fluoro-ADB) is a Schedule 1 synthetic cannabinoid that is marketed as a cannabis substitute3. Synthetic cannabinoids are used to mimic the effects of THC. 5F-ADB will appear as a white, crystalline solid in its pure form. It has also been seen as a powder, liquid, and on blotter paper.

5F-ADB is often marketed in an “herbal” form mixed or sprayed on green plant like material and is typically smoked or “vaped.”

These products are then labeled as incense, potpourri and “not for human consumption.”

They can be found in convenience stores, gas stations, and head shops under many different names and packaging.

5F-ADB is designed to maximize potency and is approximately 715 times more potent than THC. There is no known therapeutic or medical use.

K2/Spice possesses mind-altering chemicals. Users may exhibit symptoms including: severe bleeding without observable physical trauma including nose-bleeds, bleeding of the gums, bruising, vomiting blood, blood in urine or stool, or excessively heavy menstrual bleeding. Other symptoms may include paranoia, confusion, short-term memory loss, vomiting, agitation, and violent and erratic behavior6. Heart attacks and acute kidney injury have also been identified during overdose investigations.

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