Greenwich Man Charged for Spray Painting Political Signs

Early Sunday morning Greenwich Police spotted a man vandalizing political signs in the area of Fairfield Road an North Street.

It was about 5:45am when Police spotted Richard Caires, 65, of North Street in the busy intersection and discovered the signs had fresh black “X’s” spray painted on the back.

Police say that during the investigation Mr. Caires handed over a can of black spray paint that was in his car and told police that he was expressing his First Amendment rights.

Caires was charged with Criminal Mischief 3. He has a date in Stamford Superior Court on Dec 1, 2020. He was released on a promise to appear in court.

Just a few weeks ago Mr. Caires was arrested by warrant from Greenwich Police for A September incident in which a verbal altercation turned physical when Caires punched the victim in the face. Caires was charged with Assault and Disorderly Conduct

On Friday Greenwich Police released a statement saying they’d completed their investigation of defaced and stolen political signs.

“We have completed our investigation and submitted our findings to the State’s Attorney’s Office in Stamford,” Police said.

Last week police charged a local woman with Larceny 6 and Criminal Mischief 4 after an officer on routine patrol observed her removing a sign. Also, three juveniles removed four political signs from private property. In a third incident, a physical fight broke out over someone placing a political sign on public property.

Over the weekend, Cheryl Moss, from Greenwich Voices for Democracy, said she was able to go to police headquarters where 18 of her group’s stolen signs were returned to her.

Moss said in a letter to the editor the previous weekend that all but a few of 100 signs her organization placed throughout town were stolen within 48 hours. She said the signs has a value of approximately $1,000.

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