GPD Warn Against Fraudulent IRS Calls for Non-Payment of Taxes

Greenwich Police say they continue to receive complaints of calls purporting to be from the “IRS” demanding payment and threatening arrest.

The public is reminded to simply hangup to avoid becoming a victim.

The U.S. Treasury Department has a specific unit that investigates IRS Imposter Frauds. The Unit is called, “TIGTA” which stands for Treasury Inspector  General for Tax Administration.

The IRS WILL NOT contact you by phone with threats for non-payment of tax liability.

The IRS DOES NOT require Green Dot, iTunes,, MoneyPak or any other kind of gift card or credit card for tax payment

BEWARE of IRS Impersonation SCAMS. Just hang up.

Also, a victim of the fraud can additionally report the information online or over the phone to TIGTA: (800) 366-4484 (Complaint Line).