GPD: Maserati Stolen; Wallet Lifted at Private Club

Greenwich Police report that a Maserati that had been left unlocked on Bedford Road was stolen on Wednesday.

Captain Zuccerella said the Maserati had the key fob left inside.

The car was recovered in Waterbury, and the investigation is ongoing.

In addition, police report there was a larceny from a motor vehicle at a private club. Police say the victim claimed the car doors had been locked, but there was no damage sustained to the vehicle.

Two weeks ago, Sergeant John Thorme said there had been 105 stolen motor vehicles in Greenwich.

“And 105 have been unlocked with the keyfob in them,” he said, adding that there was also a 67% increase in larcenies from motor vehicles.

Police have repeatedly asked residents to lock their cars and bring keys inside.

They are planning a series of lawn signs in early December featuring slogans including, “Lock It Or Lose it,” “It’s 8:00pm, Did You Lock Your Car?” or “Stop. Lock. Or Walk.”