GEMS to Celebrate National EMS Week By Highlighting the Work of EMTs

Greenwich Emergency Medical Service (GEMS), Inc. is celebrating National EMS Week by showcasing the day in the life of an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).

May 21-27 is designated as the week to celebrate EMS practitioners and educate the public about the critical, life-saving work these professionals provide year round.

GEMS EMTs respond to a broad variety of emergencies throughout their busy work weeks.  Their knowledge and skill must always be at peak performance, this enables them to effectively manage emergencies ranging from sports injuries and common medical events, to more severe emergencies such as cardiac arrest, or stroke.

In between calls, EMTs clean and restock the ambulance and complete a call report. They also engage in training and professional development so that they can continue to better serve the patients they treat.

“I love my job and am proud that I’ve been an EMT for the last 26 years,” said Karin Brion, GEMS Advanced EMT. “No two days are the same. One call may take me out on the highway, and the next may be treating an elderly citizen for dehydration. Being an EMT is much more than just driving an ambulance; we are first responders who are a critical components to the chain of survival.”

About Greenwich Emergency Medical Service (GEMS)

As the sole provider of emergency services to the Town of Greenwich, the mission of Greenwich Emergency Medical Service (GEMS) is to provide the highest level of pre-hospital and emergency medical care to reduce the risk of death and disability due to trauma and sudden illness.

Each year GEMS responds to 6,000 emergency calls from four stations that are manned 24/7. This enables GEMS to respond to 70-75% of calls in 5 minutes or less, which exceeds the response time of most EMS services.

The organization currently has a fleet of seven ambulances, and to remain progressive it is critical that it replaces or refurbishes one ambulance each year. For more information visit

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