Fracas at Staples in Greenwich Catches up with Man Stopped at JFK Airport

A man wanted by Greenwich Police for causing a fracas at Staples back in January was recently stopped by Port Authority Police at JFK. This week he was extradited to Connecticut to face charges stemming from the January incident.

On May 18, Greenwich Police, who held an active extraditable felony arrest warrant for the man, Devon C Fontus, 28, 0f 11827 152nd Street in Jamaica New York, traveled to the Queens County Superior Court to take a man into custody.

At the request of Greenwich Police, Fontus had been taken into custody on April 30 by the Port Authority Police as he was attempting to leave the country.

Back in January Mr. Fontus attempted to use four different credit cards to purchase gift cards from Staples at 1297 East Putnam Ave.

According to Greenwich Police, after three of the cards were declined, the cashier contacted the store manager for assistance with the unusual transaction.

Mr. Fontas then jumped the checkout counter, pushed the clerk, and attempted to forcible take the gift cards from the clerk. The manager aided the cashier in fending off Fontas who then fled the store. Neither the cashier nor the managers were injured in the fracas.

Through investigation, Fontas was identified, and a warrant obtained for his arrest. The warrant was for Larceny 2nd degree, Illegal Use of a credit Card, Robbery 3rd degree.

Mr. Fontus was processed in Greenwich. He was able to post his court established $50,000.00 surety bond and was subsequently released from CPD custody.

Fontus was assigned a court date of May 25, 2016.