Former Greenwich Resident Charged with Attempted Murder in Las Vegas

Former Greenwich resident Walter “Will” Pendleton, who was part of Greenwich EMS for 24 years, has been arrested by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and faces nine counts including two counts of attempted murder after an incident in his northeast valley apartment on May 9.

Back in 2020, Pendleton left his job at Greenwich EMS the day after he posted a Facebook “rant for the day” in response to a comment objecting to his use of the term “negroes.” He posted, “If you are upset by how you are treated here, if you are an African, go back to Africa.”

According to his LinkedIn he has worked part time in Las Vegas for Guardian Elite Medical Services since April 2021.

Photo: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police

According to multiple reports in Las Vegas this week, police arrived at Pendleton’s apartment shortly after 5:00pm after receiving a 911 call from a neighbor who reported hearing gunshots and a woman screaming. Pendleton, 55, who had separated from his wife, allegedly shot his wife’s friend seven times and his wife once in the forearm after they came to the apartment to retrieve the wife’s belongings. When police arrived, they found Pendleton intoxicated and upset. His wife was on top of him and holding his right hand to the floor. There was a gun in Pendleton’s hand which police removed. The female friend lay nearby suffering from several gunshot wounds. The friend was shot twice in the neck and several hit her internal organs. The wife told police she had gone to the apartment to retrieve personal property because Pendleton had been served an eviction notice and the two were separated. She told police that while she was packing Pendleton came up behind her, grabbed her neck and placed a gun to her head. The female friend underwent surgery and is in stable condition.

Pendleton is being held on $100,000 bail and has a date in court scheduled for Monday, May 15.