Following an Eviction in Byram, Cops Charge Man with Trespass, Burglary, Criminal Mischief

On Nov 18 Greenwich Police responded to Oxer Place on a report of a property dispute.

Upon arrival units were met by a State Marshal who related that he successfully served an eviction on the property the previous day and taken possession of the property on behalf of the owner.

The State Marshal also told police that the locks were changed and the property had been secured.

Upon arrival the State Marshal found that the rear door lock had been changed and that the keys no longer worked. Also that the front entrance appeared to be barricaded with numerous items.

During the investigation, police made contact with an unknown man within the residence who refused to identify himself or answer any questions about why or how he came to be in the dwelling.

The man was later identified as Timothy P Judge, 54, of Greenwich.

After entry was made into the residence, the accused, Mr. Judge, emerged from a different part of the house and was subsequently placed under arrest.

While in custody, Judge admitted that he damaged the rear door of the residence when he secure it with screws so that entry could not be made.

Judge was charged with Burglary 3, Criminal Trespass 1 and Criminal Mischief 2. He was assigned a date in Stamford Superior Court on December 2, 2022. He was released after posting the required 10% of his $250 bond.

Also charged were William Francis Judge, 21, Jillian Judge, 18, who police said were located upstairs and were subsequently placed under arrest and each charged with Criminal Trespass 1. They were released after posting the required 10% of their individual $250 bond and share the date in court on Dec 2, 2022.

Also Harrison Frederic Judge, 19, was also arrested. Police say he physically tried to stop the forced entry by the State Marshal’s hired agent when force was attempted at the front door. Forced entry was eventually made and the accused was subsequently placed under arrest and charged with Criminal Trespass 1, and Interfering with Officer/Resisting Arrest. He was also able to post 10% of his $250 bond and released. He is also due in court on Dec 2, 2022.