DUI for Greenwich Driver Stopped with a Flat Tire in Back Country

On May 7 at around 2:00am, Greenwich Police observed a car parked on the east bound lane of Sherwood Ave with a flat front passenger side tire.

Upon approaching the driver, officers detected an odor consistent with alcoholic type beverages.

The driver, Brian Schofield, 37, of 1361 King Street in Greenwich related that he had too much to drink. His speech was slurred and his eyes red and glassy.

Upon exiting his car, Mr. Schofield stumbled while attempting to maintain his balance, needing the help of officers to remain steady.

Mr. Schofield failed to perform standardized field sobriety tests to standard.

He was arrested and charged with DUI, No License, and No Insurance ID.

His bond was set at $250, which he was unable to post. He was assigned court date on May 22, 2017.