DUI for Driver Who Nearly Struck Pedestrian and Two Dogs

A Greenwich police officer on routine patrol in the area of West Putnam Ave and Western Jr Hwy on Sunday around 7:30pm observed a car run a red light and nearly strike a pedestrian and two dogs in the crosswalk.

When the officer attempted to stop the car, the driver, later identified as Caroline Farrell, 34, accelerated and fled from the scene, ultimately coming to a stop at her residence on Homestead Lane in Greenwich.

Police say the driver exhibited signs of impairment during the investigation and did not complete field sobriety tests to standard.

Further, her driver’s license was expired.

She was charged with Disobeying Signal of Officer, DUI, Traffic Control Signals, MV Op to Avoid Pedestrian Collision (Operator of a vehicle required to exercise due care to avoid pedestrian.), Driving MV without License.

Her bond was set at $200 which she posted. She was assigned a date in Stamford Superior court on Feb 26, 2024.