Driver Stopped for No Headlights Had Ecstasy Pills in Her Pocket and Backpack

On Thursday, Dec 30, 2021, around 8:00pm, Greenwich Police spotted a car on East Putnam Ave traveling without its headlights illuminated.

Police determined the registration had been suspended due to insurance noncompliance issues.

They stopped the car and the driver, Jhow M Nunez, 33, of Stamford, relayed that she had lost her purse with her license and other identifying documents.

She told police she had a New York driver’s license and that she was “Luz Nunez,” born on July 13, 1981, but a collect query showed no record of a NY driver’s license with that information.

When police initiated an arrest, the woman admitted to having used her sister’s name and date of Birth. Her true name was later confirmed by an expired Connecticut driver’s license.

Upon her arrest, two multi-colored pills were located in Ms Nunez’s coat pocket and four more located in a container inside her backpack.

After the pills were placed on the hood of the car, the suspect attempted to bend over while handcuffed and eat the pills.

The pills were field tested with a “923 Methamphetamine MDMA (ecstasy) Reagent Kit,” which turned dark blue indicating a presumptive positive for the presence of MDMA.

Nunez was charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance and Interfering with an Officer.

Additional charges included Driving without a License, Failure to Insure Motor Vehicle, Failure to Display Lights and Illegal Operation of a Motor Vehicle Under Suspension.

She was assigned a court appearance on Jan 13, 2022 in Stamford Superior Court. She was released after posting the required 10% of her $5,000 bond.