Disorderly Conduct Charge for Cos Cob Man Following Friday Night Argument

Elijah Blackman-Pugh, 22, of 11 Orchard Street in Cos Cob was arrested on Nov 18 around around 6:00pm following a dispute.

On Nov 18 Greenwich Police were dispatched to Cos Cob on a report of a dispute between two people. Upon arrival, police learned Mr. Blackman-Pugh had gotten into a verbal disagreement with a victim.

According to a police release, during the argument, while screaming and yelling, Mr. Blackman-Pugh made brief contact with the victim, in which the two “bumped each other’s chests together and were then separated by another subject.”

Mr. Blackman-Pugh was issued a Misdemeanor Summons for Disorderly Conduct. He was released on a promise to appear and has a court date in Stamford Supeiror Court on Nov 21, 2106.