Construction Equipment Stolen. Again. Heads up Contractors, Mark Your Equipment

A construction site burglary on Sunday at 777 North Street involved several thousand dollars worth of construction equipment taken from the property where a home is under construction. “We’ve seen a lot of this lately,” Gray said, adding that the thieves kicked in a door to force their way inside the home. His advice to contractors is to watch for any strange person coming to a construction site. “They may be casing it.”

Lt. Gray also advises contractors to mark all their equipment, and ideally engrave it.

Gray also advises contractors to keep digital photos of their equipment on their cell phones. In the event something goes missing, contractors can share the photos with Greenwich Police.

“If you see suspicious activity, call Greenwich Police,” Lt. Gray warned, adding that equipment should be secured even during the work day because several burglaries have occurred during the daytime.