Career Criminal Charged by US Marshals is Strong Suspect in Greenwich Burglaries

A career criminal with a history of burglary arrests was taken into custody by US Marshals on the morning of July 21. Greenwich police suspect the man was the burglar responsible for at least two incidents in town.

On July 21, Jerome Shaw 55, of Church Street in Manhattan, was served a warrant by the US Marshals and charged with Possession of Stolen Goods.

“He is a career criminal from New York,” Lt. Kraig Gray said, adding that the suspect has been trading stolen goods in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey, making  the case interstate, and therefor the FBI and other federal agencies were called in. “The Feds make it seamless. They can prosecute from any state and execute a search warrant.”

Lt. Gray said Greenwich Police suspect Mr. Shaw was the culprit involved in the incident back on Nov. 15, 2015 that resulted in a manhunt that woke up residents when helicopters flew over the area of Rockwood Spur.

Back in November 2015, when police responded to a Pheasant Lane report of a burglary interrupted,  additional units were detailed flooding the area with patrol personnel both on foot and in vehicles. Four K9 Officers from surrounding jurisdictions  – New Canaan Police, MTA Police, Connecticut State Police, and Westchester County Police – joined the search as well as a helicopter unit from Westchester County Police Dept.

Ultimately the burglar got away in a stolen 2007 Denali SUV which had been unlocked, keys within.

Subsequently, the car, reported stolen and located by On-Star, was abandoned on Long Island. It was recovered by a local New York police department.

“Greenwich detectives have been actively working this case,” Lt. Gray said. “The vehicle he stole was located a short distance from Shaw’s residence.”

Greenwich Police believe Mr. Shaw’s arrest will provide answers on several residential burglaries in Greenwich. This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

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