Burglars Target Three Cos Cob Residences Monday Afternoon

On Monday afternoon burglars targeted three homes in Cos Cob. One on Butler Street. One Strickland. One on Osceola.

At about 2:50pm an intruder targeted a residence on Osceola Drive where a resident was home and a door was unlocked. Press Information Officer Lt John Slusarz declined to characterize the interaction between the intruder and resident other than to say, “He left.”

On Strickland Rd police received a report around 2:20pm that a rear window had been damaged.

Third, police say they received a report from a resident on Butler Street about 2:30pm that there was an attempted but unsuccessful entry.

In another part of town on Monday, on Prospect Street in central Greenwich at 2:00pm, a burglar entered a home through a window.

“The person came home to find it burgled after being out during the day,” Slusarz said, adding residents are conducting inventory to see what may be missing.

On another note, two cars were stolen from Vista Avenue. A Subaru Crosstrek and Subaru Outback were taken from two different homes. Both vehicles were left overnight unlocked with keys inside.