Boating Season Starts with GPD Marine Section Assisting Sailboat Stranded on Rocks

The Greenwich Police Marine Section has started the 2021 boating season and they have been busy.

According to their Facebook page, they assisted the owner of the vessel in the photo above get their craft off the rocks earlier this week.

The Marine Section provides law enforcement, emergency medical services, Homeland Security High Value Asset protection and general assistance to boaters within Town and regional waters.

Photo: Greenwich Police Facebook

The Town of Greenwich is bordered by 31 miles of coastline and contains approximately 25 square miles of open water within the Long Island Sound.

The Marine Section’s fleet consists of three primary patrol vessels, and they are equipped for all weather operations, search and rescue and EMS/patient transportation.

The vessels are also designed to accommodate the department’s divers during dive operations.

“We want to remind everyone to use the proper flotation devices when boating and we look forward to serving you this season on Long Island Sound,” Greenwich Police said in their post.