Bail Enforcement Officer Delivers Court No-Show to GPD

On May 18 a bail enforcement agent accompanied Vecus Darcie to Greenwich Police headquarters on Bruce Place as he was wanted for Failure to Appear 1. His bond was $100,000 which he was unable to post.

Mr. Darcie, 22, of New York, NY, was originally arrested when he was 20, on Nov 23, 2018, for trying to fraudulently obtain cough syrup with codeine, a narcotic, at North Street Pharmacy.

Undercover officers, along with uniformed patrol officers, were tipped off that Mr. Darcie and other subjects would be returning to the pharmacy and converged upon the pharmacy and observed Darcie and two co-conspirators entering the parking lot.

Police say Darcie entered the pharmacy and attempted to obtain the narcotic cough syrup. Officers detained him and his co-conspirators.

Investigation revealed that Darcie and his co-conspirators had gotten cough syrup with codeine fraudulently at four additional locations.

They said he had pretended to be a doctor when he called in prescriptions to the pharmacy.

Back in 2018, when Darcie was originally arrested, Lt Slusarz said there is a subculture in the drug world of people who drink cough syrup.

“You can resell it. There is certainly a market for it some place. And if you’re addicted to it, you’ll go to some lengths to get it,” Slusarz said, adding, “It doesn’t matter how far from central Greenwich you go. We will find you.”

His original charges in 2018 were:

Illegal Obtaining Drugs Using False Title, Obtaining Controlled Drug Fraud, Criminal Attempt / Possession with Intent Narcotics, Possession with Intent Narcotic Substance, Conspiracy to Commit / Possession with Intent Narcotic Substance and Illegal Possession.

Darcie was assigned a date in Stamford Superior Court the day of his arrest.