Arrested: Don’t Hire a Cab if You Can’t Pay the Fare

Greenwich police Dept were detailed to a call in which a suspect had fled from a taxi without paying his fare. The incident took place the vicinity of Bayside Terrace and Riverside Ave on Oct 10 at about 7:40am.

That taxi driver was able to follow the fleeing suspect, Jeremy Miner, 24, of 1200 Bedford Rd in Stamford, until police could arrive on scene.

At first Mr. Miner denied even being in the taxi at all. He later admitted to not having the $12.00 fare and throwing $4.00 at the driver before running out of the taxi.

The suspect was unable to produce any form of ID and gave different answers to routine pedigree questions. He Miner was placed under arrest for Larceny 6th degree and Interfering with Police and held in police custody. His bond was set at $10,000 bond.