Arrest Made after Police Spot Five People Loitering at 50 Chestnut Street in Byram

On July 9 Greenwich Police checking on the parking lot of 50 Chestnut Street, which is currently home to Decorative Crafts, spotted five people hanging around a car parked next to the building.

As the officer approached, he detected the distinct odor of marijuana.

When he asked whether any of them had recently smoked marijuana or if there was any marijuana in the car, Daykwon Solomon, 19, of 54 Pemberwick Rd in Greenwich, admitted he had indeed smoked marijuana and that he had 26 grams of marijuana inside the car.

Police observed the green leafy substance that later tested positive for marijuana on the right rear passenger seat inside a plastic bag.

Mr. Solomon was issued a summons for Possession of Marijuana and assigned a court date on July 23 in Stamford Superior Court.