Another Unlocked Car with Keys in Ignition Vanishes

On Jan 17 a Cos Cob resident on Valley Rd reported that their  2016 Toyota Camry had vanished.

The car had been parked in the owners designated parking space in a condo complex.

The owner contacted police around 8:00am. She said it had gone missing in the overnight hours the previous night.

According to Lt Slusarz, the woman said she usually leaves her car unlocked with her keys within.

Last Monday, police received multiple reports from residents that their cars had been rummaged through, including cars on Maher Avenue, Parsonage Rd and Ridgebrook Rd. About a half dozen cars were targeted. All were unlocked. One car had $30 case taken.

Greenwich Police have repeatedly urged residents to leave their cars locked and bring keys inside. Thieves look for unlocked cars in the overnight hours.

In July, Greenwich Police Chief Heavey said unfortunately Greenwich has developed a reputation as a destination for car thieves.

“Lock your car and take your keys with you every place, every time,” Heavey said for starters, adding that there are other simple ways to avoid becoming a victim. He said dark houses, houses with newspapers piled up, and mailboxes brimming with a week’s worth of bills are invitations to thieves.

“I recommend you keep a spare set of keys with an alarm by your bed at night and when you hear a suspicious noise outside, you set off the alarm,” Heavey said. Another suggestion is to install motion sensor detectors in the driveway.

Chief Heavey noted that Greenwich is indeed a safe community to live in. However, that may have created a mindset of invulnerability among residents that translates into unlocked cars, keys and valuables left inside.

Now Greenwich, in addition to neighboring communities including Darien and New Canaan, are destinations for car thieves.