After Hours in Pomerance, Man Was Snagged for Outstanding Arrest

Guido Celestino Franco, 23, of 64 Diaz Street in Stamford was arrested on April 16 by Greenwich Police.

Around 8:30pm, a Greenwich Police unit was patrolling south on Orchard Place when when he observed a vehicle parked in the Pomerance property after hours.

After entering the property, the patrol officer observed the vehicle to be empty and subsequently made contact with four people who were on the park property after hours.

One individual, identified as Mr. Franco, was verified to have an outstanding arrest warrant for Failure To Appear 2.

Mr. Franco was arrested and transported to Greenwich Police headquarters where he as photographed, fingerprinted and processed for Failure to Appear 2. His bond was set at $1,000, which he was unable to post.

Mr. Franco was assigned a court date in Stamford Superior Court on May 1, 2017.