Accidental Burglar Alarm at Business Results in Arrest of Employee

On Tuesday Greenwich Police responded to an accidental burglar alarm at a local business.

While police were checking the address they spoke to an employee of the business, Andrew Ulnits, 32, of Stamford, and a routine background check revealed he had an active arrest warrant for Failure to Appear in court back in October 2013.

That incident related to an arrest for Disorderly Conduct.

A second warrant was for Failure to Respond to an infraction ticket in December 2013 for Allowing a Dog to Roam.

Bond for the Failure to Appear 2 charge was set at $10,000. The bond for the infraction was $92. Mr. Ulnits was unable to post bond.

He was assigned a date in Bridgeport Superior Court on May 13, 2020.