$1 Million Bond for Greenwich Jewelry Store Armed Robber Extradited from China

Naquan Amin Ferguson, 31, of 1676 Bergen Street in Brooklyn was arrested by Greenwich Police on Sept 5, 2017 for an incident stemming back to Sept 23, 2011 on Greenwich Avenue.

Back in 2011, Mr. Ferguson allegedly stole Rolex watches from Lux Bond & Green, formerly of 169 Greenwich Avenue.

His original charges in that incident were Robbery 1 – Firearm Threat, Conspiracy to Commit Robbery 1 and Larceny 1.

According to South China Morning Post, after Ferguson skipped bond, Interpol issued a notice for his arrest. Ferguson fled to China while on the run in February. The article said, the US Justice Dept had asked for help from the Chinese police in tracking the fugitive down.

The article went on to say that many Western countries are reluctant to return criminal suspects to China, fearing they will not receive a fair trial in state-controlled courts. Such cooperation between the Chinese and US officials is made on a case-by-case basis as the two countries do not have an extradition treaty.

Greenwich Police report that Ferguson was extradited in August from Guangzhou, China after local authorities there were advised of his extraditable warrant.  On Aug 25 he was turned over to agents US customs and border protection in New York City. He was then charged as a fugitive of justice and extradited to Connecticut.

According to Greenwich Police Lt Nemecek, US marshals tracked Mr. Ferguson over time and were able to take custody of him in Queens county Criminal Court in Kew Gardens.

Ferguson was brought to Greenwich Police Dept, where he was processed and charged with Failure to Appear 1.

His bond was set at $1,000,000.

Ferguson appeared in Stamford Superior Court on Sept 6. His next court date is Sept 20, 2017.