Indivisible Greenwich Issues Statement on Separations at the Border

Indivisible Greenwich submitted the following statement regarding separations at the border, and the nationwide event scheduled to take place June 30.

We have watched in horror as the Trump Administration has implemented a policy – its policy – of separating babies and children from their parents at the border. We have heard (literally heard) the babies crying for their parents.

We have seen the horrific images of toddlers wailing and cages containing children.

We have read about the policy of our government barring caregivers from picking up and comforting crying children. The President of the American Academy of Pediatricians has termed this separation “child abuse;” and the United Nations has condemned it as a violation of international law.

We have further learned that parents are being deported without their children. And we have learned that there is no organized plan in place for reuniting separated families – indeed there is a serious risk of permanent separation. Permanent.

People of conscience from both major political parties are speaking out against this policy as this speaks to who we are as a nation. We ask you to join us in doing the same.

Many of these families are fleeing gang and cartel violence from cities that have been dubbed the murder capitals of the world. They have committed no crimes. They are seeking sanctuary and refuge from violence and death. Who among us would not act similarly to protect our children? Where is our nation’s compassion and empathy? How is this policy acceptable to anyone?

There is no reason whatsoever that these children must be separated upon entry. In the past, those seeking asylum have been kept with their parents. The sole reasons given to separate these children now is to evoke misery: Misery to deter others from trying to seek refuge in our country; misery to punish those who come; and misery to blackmail politicians to accede to administration demands for other anti-immigration activities.

This is unworthy of America. And this is the time when all people of conscience must stand up and say unequivocally, “NOT IN MY NAME.”

Indivisible Greenwich is asking all those who find the action of separating babies and children from their parents to be unconscionable to stand up and clearly condemn it. We ask you to attend events being held around this state and neighboring New York this coming Saturday. And we ask that you join fellow residents in Greenwich on Saturday, June 30, at 11am in front of Town Hall, the same day that others will gather at events across the country to make the statement that this is not who we are and “not in my name.” We ask each and every one to stand with us together, Indivisible, in a united front to reject this horrific practice.

Indivisible Greenwich is a grassroots, issues-focused organization of informed, engaged and concerned constituents seeking results-oriented action at the federal, state and local levels to counter fundamental threats to our nation’s democracy.