Metro-North Railroad to Host “Connect With Us” Forum at Grand Central

Metro-North Railroad is hosting a series of open-house style “Connect With Us” forums for feedback on upcoming initiatives to improve train service and customer service.

Daily commuters, leisure travelers, community members and stakeholders are invited to participate in what the MTA hopes to be a constructive dialogue.

According to Metro-North, since its inception in 1983, ridership has boomed from just over 41 million customers a year, primarily to and from “9-to-5” jobs in New York City, to an all-time high of 86.5 million customers in 2017.

Metro-North leaders will listen to all feedback and answer questions during the Connect with Us Forums.

The forums are scheduled from 7:00am to 8:30am on:

  • Tuesday, November 19 (South Norwalk New York-bound station platform)
  • Tuesday, December 10 (Grand Central Terminal)

The program is ongoing, and forums will also take place next year in a continued effort to improve service.