Weekly Covid Update: Greenwich Hospital Vaccinations Going Smoothly

In the weekly Covid-19 updated on Wednesday, hosted by Greenwich First Selectman Fred Camillo and Greenwich Hospital’s Diane Kelly, the updates were:

As of Tuesday, Feb 2 there was a total of 3,400 cases in Greenwich, an increase of 175 from a week earlier.

Total active cases as of Wednesday were 175, which was down 14 from the previous week.

Unfortunately there was an additional death, bring the toll to 80.

Camillo said about 55% of Greenwich’s residents age 75+ had been vaccinated.

Greenwich Hospital had 22 Covid-19 patients as of Wednesday. Ms Kelly said five were on ventilators in the ICU.

“This is still a very serious situation,” Ms Kelly said. “This is not a virus for the feint of heart.”

Ms. Kelly said what the Yale New Haven System along with the state and nation noticed there was concern about the vaccine among people of color.

“What we’ve been doing is getting lead scientists and health care professionals representing those groups in order for people to have an opportunity to ask questions and get the best possible information so they can make the right choice for their families,” Kelly said.

Ms Kelly said logistically Greenwich Hospital was receiving positive feedback on their online platform for Covid-19 vaccinations.

“We are are having ease with that,” she said. “There are always going to be large populations who are just not fluent with computers. That is a barrier we are all going to have. People need to reach and help their neighbors and family, and reach out to older people if you know they have no ability to navigate that.”

She said large numbers of people are signing up for the vaccination, and that there had been no issues with the vaccination sites including Brunswick School and West Putnam Ave.

That said, some cancellations were necessary due to the weather.

“Because of the snow, we took all those appointments and moved them to Wednesday and Thursday, when we were not going to be open,” Ms Kelly said.

Also, some people who live out of state signed up for appointments and those had to be canceled. Nevertheless, Ms Kelly said the process was going “very well, with no issues.”

When people come for their first dose of the vaccine they are signed up for their second dose.

Ms Kelly said Greenwich Hospital anticipated being able to vaccinate a little over 1,000 people a day.

“As long as we get the vaccine, we can give the vaccine,” she said.

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Feb 2, 2021