Tree Hearing Will Determine Fate of 61-Inch Girth “Survivor” Elm in Old Greenwich

A venerable Elm Tree at the corner of Edgewater and Sound Beach Ave in Old Greenwich will be the focus of a public Zoom hearing on Thursday, Nov 5, convened by Greenwich Tree Warden, Dr. Greg Kramer.

The Tree Warden is part of the Parks & Rec Dept.

The tree was posted for removal, giving residents an opportunity to oppose the removal and thereby trigger the public hearing.

“It has been requested that this venerable American Elm at the corner of Sound Beach Ave and Edgewater be cut down due to ‘sight line’ issues,” The Greenwich Tree Conservancy said in a release.

Elm Tree in front of Albertson Memorial Church at intersection of Sound Beach Avenue and Edgewater in Old Greenwich. Photo: Leslie Yager

The Greenwich Tree Conservancy pointed out that the tree has provided beauty and shade for generations of Old Greenwich residents, and with a 61″ girth is estimated to be over 100 years old.

Elms were a favorite street tree before being lost to Dutch Elm disease.

“This tree is a survivor and worthy of being saved,” GTC said.

“Too often these removal requests reflect the view that trees are obstacles to be removed, not assets to be protected. This mature tree cleans our air, cools and shades us, mitigates storm water runoff and increases property values.  What beauty it brings to the neighborhood!”

– Greenwich Tree Conservancy

Neighbors say the tree blocks their view of oncoming traffic when turning left (north) onto Sound Beach Ave and impacts the safety pick up and drop off at Old Greenwich School.

Elm Tree at intersection of Sound Beach Avenue and Edgewater in Old Greenwich. Photo: Leslie Yager

The hearing will be held via Zoom on Thursday, Nov 5, 2020 at 12:00pm.

Click the link below to view, listen, and/or participate in this meeting:
Passcode: 1243666 
Or you may listen, and/or participate in this meeting by calling the following: 
By telephone: 1-646-518-9805 
Webinar ID: 828 4877 8161 
Password: 1243666 

Anyone unable to attend please express their position can send an email to the Town Tree Warden Gregory Kramer at [email protected]