Town Seeks Community Input on New Eastern Greenwich Civic Center

The Dept of Parks & Rec is launching a survey of residents regarding the future of Eastern Greenwich Civic Center at 90 Harding Rd in Old Greenwich.

The Greenwich Civic Center was originally opened in 1950 by the Electrolux Corporation to provide recreation for employees. According to an Oral History at Greenwich Library,  employees preferred to go home after work instead of staying and using the building. It was largely unused.

After vigorous discussion, the town acquired the Civic Center, plus 20 acres of land from the Electrolux Corporation. The acquisition was approved by the RTM in 1966. A subsequent referendum failed to reverse the action.

The sale price was $432,000.

Today, the Town of Greenwich has engaged the Sports Facilities Advisory (SFA), the country’s leading resource for youth and amateur sports facilities, to conduct the survey.

“Based on the current facility condition and goals for future development, the Town has determined that a new, modern replacement building will provide efficiencies in all aspects of operations that a renovated building cannot provide,” Parks & Rec said in a release on Thursday. “Therefore, this project will focus on the development of new facility assets instead of renovating existing facility assets.

The goal of the community needs assessment and future use analysis is to fully explore potential options for replacing the amenities offered at the existing civic center.  SFA’s analysis will include full exploration of past, current and potential users of the civic center to understand the highest and best use for the new development opportunity.

“It’s really important that as many people as possible take the survey,” said Gary Dell’Abate, who has been working on the sub committee for the future of the Eastern Greenwich Civic Center. “We want to build the best building we can for all of Greenwich. Your voice counts.”


In order to assess the utilization of existing facilities, unmet needs in the community, and potential utilization of a new civic center and recreation amenities, SFA has created an online survey to gauge perceived needs and support.  The survey requests information related to sports participation, current use of existing facilities, perceived condition of existing facilities, desire for new facility development, and preferences for funding.

The Town of Greenwich and SFA appreciate your participation and help in shaping the future of the EGCC.

The survey will be available through Friday, July 20.  To participate, visit the link below:

SFA’s analysis will include a full exploration of past, current, and potential users of the EGCC to understand the highest and best use for the new development opportunity. This survey is intended to assess the current utilization of the EGCC, the current and unmet recreation needs in the community, and the potential utilization of a new EGCC facility.

Responses are anonymous.