Steve Meskers, Candidate for State Rep in 150th District, Pledges Town Hall Forums

Steve Meskers, Democratic candidate challenging Republican incumbent Mike Bocchino for State Assembly in the 150th District, released a statement on Monday pledging to hold periodic town hall meetings if elected.

Meskers said residents of the 150th District lack the opportunity to have their voices heard in Hartford.

“Residents of the district feel their representatives are not listening to their views on issues of importance to the state and the town of Greenwich,” Meskers said in the statement. “It is one thing to say my door is always open, and quite another to actively go into the community to listen to residents.”

Meskers has been actively canvassing neighborhoods and meeting with a variety of people.

“I am finding that many have interesting ideas and opinions that are not being heard,” Meskers said, adding that if elected, unscripted town hall format forums would be open to all and held in venues large enough to accommodate everyone interested.

“Effective government and leadership require a two-way street between the elected officials and their constituents,” Meskers said. “This has been sorely lacking.”

“There is a lot at stake in the coming years both statewide and locally and I don’t believe the leaders can lead if they don’t listen to their constituents,” he said in the statement.

Meskers describes himself as fiscally conservative, socially liberal, and open to all ideas.

The 21-year resident of Old Greenwich has served on the RTM for 14 years where he is vice chair of the Education Committee.

He and his wife have three children who attended Greenwich schools.

Meskers had a 35-year career on Wall Street in fixed income and emerging market.