Selectmen Declare Snow Emergency Effective 5PM

On Wednesday morning the board of Selectmen voted to declare a snow emergency, effective at 5pm, and lasting until further otice.

Dan Warzoha said the forecast confidence continues to grow. He said people should plan for a minimum of a foot of snow, as well as ice and sleet.

“By this afternoon, i think that number will start burgeoning out. Our big concern will be the amount of wind and the type of snow,” he said. “We are hoping for a light and fluffy snow versus a heavy, wet, which has a tendency to cause power problems.”

Warzoha said his number one concern was people losing power.

First Selectman Fred Camillo said the forecast was for wind gusts of up 45mph and 3 inches of snow per hour, adding that a reverse 911 call would go out shortly.

The Selectmen voted unanimously to declare the snow emergency.

Note: The superintendent of Holly Hill said the dump will be closed tomorrow, Thursday, Dec 17, for safety reasons.

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