Public Hearing Regarding Fate of Dozens of Trees in Binney Park is Rescheduled to Feb 26

The tree hearing on the fates of 20 trees in Binney Park was rescheduled to Feb 26, 2019 at 12:00 noon due to the snow storm on Tuesday.

Greenwich Tree Warden Bruce Spaman (who has retired but is working on finishing up several projects) recently posted the 20 town trees at Binney Park in the area of Arch St and Wesskum Rd for removal.

The Feb 26 hearing will be held in compliance with the CT statutes, public shade trees, chapter 451, section 23-59.

Any person firm or corporation objecting to the removal is requested to be present.

About 30 trees are going to be cut down as part of the Binney Park Master Plan.

The trees, which will be posted for removal next Tuesday afternoon, include Crab Apples, which have not flourished.

According to Mr. Bruce Spaman, the Crab Apples have struggled to grow in the park and are burnt out by summer. “They look great in spring, but by summer they get a fungus, and moisture contributes to it, so by mid-August they have no leaves,” he said.

The plan is to replace the trees with more appropriate ones.

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