Operation Fuel – Greenwich Dept of Social Services Taking Applications

The Greenwich Department of Social Services will begin taking applications for Operation Fuel beginning on Monday July 13, 2015. The Summer program will end on October 30 or when funds are exhausted.

Operation Fuel provides cash assistance for heating expenses for households with incomes at or below 60% of the State Median Income guidelines who are in crisis. Local fuel banks assess client eligibility and make payments to vendors. Operation Fuel is a private charitable program.

Benefit Amount: Operation Fuel awards grants for the Winter, Spring and Summer seasons. The grants are used for heat and non-heat source expenses. Amount of assistance is up to the discretion of the local fuel bank. Payments are made directly to fuel or utility vendors. Note: Spring and Summer programs provide assistance for gas and electric utilities only.


* Household income at or below 60% of the State Median Income

* Must have exhausted, or been denied or are ineligible, for state heating assistance benefits

* Heating oil customers may apply if they are out of oil and are unable to get an appointment for state heating assistance benefits for at least 30 days.

* Applicants may apply if they have experienced a job loss, and are collecting, or have exhausted, unemployment benefits, or have very limited income (such as disability, Social Security, etc.)

* A household must be in an extreme emergency or financial crisis situation. A “financial crisis” is considered to be a situation in which a family must choose between paying for their energy needs, buying food, paying the rent or mortgage, or paying medical bills as a result of unemployment, illness, death, or other emergencies.

For Greenwich residents, please call Greenwich Department of Social Services at 203 622-3800 to apply. For questions, please call Monica Bruning, LCSW at (203) 622-7793



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