Midnight Sees Release of Preliminary Votes in Greenwich Local Elections

Around 12:12am on Wednesday the Registrars of Voters sent an email saying the preliminary election results had been sent to the Secretary of State and were available on her website.

The results are preliminary and are unofficial.

These results do not include Stamford which comprises part of the 36th district for State Senate, State Rep in 149th district.

The Registrars of Voters will send out what they expect will be the final email Wednesday afternoon or evening after all remaining absentee ballots are counted with the final results.

State Senate 36th District
D Alex Kasser 17,142 votes (49.70%)
R Ryan Fazio 17,347 votes (50.30%)
D Alex Kasser 2,719 (44.29%)
R Ryan Fazio 3,420 (55.71%)

State Rep in the 149th district:
D Kathleen Stowe 4,057 votes (45.62%)
R Kimberly Fiorello 4,651 votes (52.30%)
I Kimberly Fiorello 185 (2.08%)

State Rep 150th district
D Steve Meskers 6,608 (54.91%)
R Joe Kelly 5,150 (42.79%)
I Joe Kelly 277 (2.30%)

State Rep 151st District
D Hector Arzeno 6,388 Votes (46.97%)
R Harry Arora 7,212 Votes (53.03%)

Registrar of Voters
D Mary Hegarty 16,789 votes (50.47%)
Fred DeCaro III 15,779 votes (47.43%)
I Frd DeCaro III 697 (2.10%)

Presidential Election
D Biden Harris 21,441 votes (61.41%)
R Trump Pence 13,044 votes (37.36%)