Greenwich Sidewalk Shopping 2020 Is On! Now.

On Thursday Greenwich First Selectman Fred Camillo advised in a press release that the Police Chief approved townwide sidewalk shopping, effective immediately and extended through September 7, 2020, unless emergent circumstances or new government orders occur.

Annual Sidewalk Sales Days allow for “persons regularly conducting business in a building shall not be required to obtain a vendor’s permit under this Article to vend on a sidewalk adjoining that building,” the release said.

These conditions are designed to allow businesses to operate more freely while complying with current social distancing guidelines.

The following rules must be followed at minimum:

  1. Earnest effort must be made to be mindful of pedestrians and maintain footpath lane of 5 feet on the sidewalks.
  2. The tables displaying merchandise and other promotional equipment will not unduly impede or endanger either pedestrian or vehicular traffic and must not be set up within parking spaces.
  3. Fire hydrants must remain accessible and driveways may not be blocked.
  4. Building egress may not be blocked by tables, racks, tents, or any other items.
  5. The clothing racks/tables will be positioned parallel to buildings and not perpendicular which causes them to protrude into the walkway.
  6. Extension cords, if used, must be properly installed to avoid trip hazards.
  7. All tents must be properly weighted down, provide proper clearance for pedestrians to enter/occupy them, and be properly lit should they be left up after sale hours. Tents over 400 square feet require a permit approved by the Fire Marshal (unless the tent is open on all 4 sides, in which case is can be as large as 700 square feet without a permit); lighting requires a permit from DPW’s Building Inspection Division. Tents may not be tied to and/or obstruct fire hydrants, Fire Department sprinkler connections on the building, or block exit doors. Tents may not be erected within any portion of parking spaces. Tents must be promptly removed if ordered by the Fire Marshal at any time due to inclement weather or other safety considerations.
  8. Only bona fide Greenwich businesses will participate and will display wares only in front of their own establishments.
  9. All business participating in this event will abide by all federal, state, and local laws and ordinances, and executive orders.
  10. By close of business on September 8, 2020, all sale items, tents, tables and promotional materials must be removed from the sidewalk.

Note: The Greenwich Chamber of Commerce advises that they are not overseeing or running this event and have no affiliation.