Greenwich Road Work Updates: Noise on Old Track Rd; Upcoming DOT Work on Rte 1

As work continues on Greenwich Ave at night by contractors for Aquarion, there have been new complaints about noise.

Now residents in the area of Old Track Road are complaining about the noise of heavy equipment for the Aquarion work on the Ave coming in and out of a parking lot at the end of Old Track Road.

Previously, residents of Greenwich Avenue complained about noise from the Aquarion work at night while they were trying to sleep.

Contractors are replacing aging water infrastructure under the roadway to prevent failures. The project started back on February 12 and there was a 90 day window, with hard-stop in mid-April. At the March 14 Selectmen meeting the contractor sought an extension of an additional 90 days.

Setting up for night time Aquarion water main replacement work on Greenwich Ave. March 14, 2024

Theresa Santos, the resident of Greenwich Avenue, testified that the night work, performed 10pm to 10am on week days was “unbearable.”

She asked if please the work could be done at least partly during the daytime.

Since the Board of Health voted to relinquish their oversight of the town ordinance, the Board of Selectmen oversees compliance with the noise ordinance.

First Selectman Camillo told Ms Santos it wouldn’t be fair to the businesses on the Avenue to have the disruptive work done during the day. He said the coming installation of outdoor dining nodes on Greenwich Ave was a consideration as well.

The work extension was approved.

On Friday, Camillo said during his radio show on WGCH 1490 that the work was anticipated to be finished by the end of June.

Setting up for night time Aquarion water main replacement work on Greenwich Ave. March 14, 2024

During the radio show he addressed the issue of residents complaining about the noise on private property on Old Track Road.

“We approved the work for Greenwich Avenue but they don’t store the equipment there. So they are renting out a private property on Old Track Road and they are going back and forth in the middle of the night and dropping things off,” Camillo said.

“They only have about two weeks left of that heavy stuff, and that project should go on until the end of June.”

He said the town was trying to find another spot closer to the Ave to store the equipment for the Aquarion work.

“We did try the Board of Education (290 Greenwich Ave) for storing equipment there but there is too much going on right now,” Camillo said.

CT Dept of Transportation Work on Putnam Ave

Meanwhile in his Friday Community Connections e-blast he said the town had learned this week from the Connecticut Dept of Transportation that there will be milling and resurfacing work on Route 1 beginning on Sunday, April 14.

The eblast said milling and repaving work would continue until May 2, and start at the Greenwich border with Port Chester at the state line and move east to Route 1’s intersection with Dearfield Drive. There will be lane closures and drivers can anticipate workers to guide them through the work zone.

Further the eblast said there would also be night work on the DOT project from 7:00pm  until 5:30am, Sunday night through Friday morning.

According to the CTDOT, the area will be milled first between April 14 and April 22 and then the resurfacing will be done from April 22 through May 2. This schedule might change due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

Eversource Work on Greenwich Ave

At the second March Selectmen meeting the board has a second read and unanimous vote to approve a road closure for work in May/June by Penna Construction for Eversource at Elm Street’s intersection with Greenwich Ave.

They plan to work on the vaults under the roadway.