Greenwich High School Young Democrats Club Hosts Successful Voter Registration Drive on the Ave

The Greenwich High School Young Democrats Club recently hosted a voter drive on Greenwich Ave.

GHS students, left to right, Laura Dacosta Locatelli , Darcy Anderson, Nina Rowell, Gabriella Meyerhoff and Elliot Greenbaum. Contributed photo.

The students provided voter registration forms and spoke to dozens of people and shared information about who is running in the local elections.

“Voting is a right and one of the most important things we can do to have a say in our government. Even one vote can make a difference,” said Elliot Greenbaum, club president.

The students also engaged in a letter writing campaign to voters in Texas to remind them that their vote matters, especially in swing districts.

“Many of us are also out canvassing and phone banking to support local as well as national political candidates,” Elliot said. “It’s essential for young people to get involved in their communities and learn about the people who seek to represent them.”

Any GHS student who wants to be part of the Young Democrats can contact the club leaders by email at [email protected] The club’s advisor is Jessica von Brachel.