Greenwich DTC Condemns Systemic Racism; Denounces Excessive Force by Law Enforcement

On Sunday the Greenwich Democratic Town Committee issued a press release on the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25, 2020, as follows:

The murder of George Floyd was abominable, as were the murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and so many others – too many others. The aftermath of their horrific deaths has brought us to a critical juncture, where we can choose to put an end to systemic racism or let it, and all the horrors it engenders, continue. We, the Greenwich Democratic Town Committee, choose the former.

We stand with the Black community and all those protesting for change – and not change as we have come to know it, painfully ephemeral, but as it should be, lasting and effective. Change of this nature is the only way to ensure that the phrase “Black Lives Matter” is no longer a debatable assertion, but rather an undeniable truth in everyone’s mind.

In the spirit of change, we, the Greenwich Democrats:

● Condemn white supremacy.
● Denounce the use of excessive force by law enforcement and profiling by the police targeted at communities of color.
● Acknowledge that systemic racism is pervasive in our society.
● Commit to nominating candidates who are genuinely committed to racial equality and to discussing this topic in our interviews for future candidates.
● Promise to work with our local leaders to improve police accountability and transparency state-wide and to enact comprehensive police and criminal justice reform.
● Ask our leaders to review the acquisition of military equipment by Connecticut police departments (via DoD transfer).
● Promise to continue to pay close attention to the issues at hand until they are resolved once and for all.

The path of progress is not linear. Mistakes will be made as we work to create the future we seek.

We are ready to listen, learn, and continue to move forward. We encourage all who share our views to reach out and join us on this mission. Alone, we can only achieve so much, but by coming together, we can improve our community through collective action and bring about the transformative change that is desperately needed.

Greenwich Democratic Town Committee