Greenwich Democrats Get Behind Nick Simmons to Challenge State Senator Fazio in 36th District

On Wednesday, while the Greenwich Republicans met at Arch Street Teen Center for a contentious night resulting in new board leadership, the Greenwich Democrats met at Eastern Middle School for a more subdued, but equally significant night.

Christina Downey. Photo: Anthony Moor

The DTC voted in a new chair in Christina Downey, who is a former Board of Education member with both a law degree and an MBA.

The Democrats feted outgoing chair Joe Angland and he was presented a certificate from the Governor thanking him for his work.

The biggest news out of the DTC meeting was that the party rallied behind Nick Simmons as their candidate to challenge State Senator Republican incumbent Ryan Fazio in November.

That race will be interesting for a variety of reasons.

Both Simmons and Fazio grew up in Greenwich and both are in their mid-thirties.

Simmons is the brother of Stamford Mayor Caroline Simmons who was formerly a State Representative for the 144th District.

Also the seat was held by Republicans for over 100 years, with one brief exception during the Depression. More recently the seat was wrested away from Republicans when Democrat Alex Kasser defeated incumbent Republican Scott Frantz. Kasser resigned for personal reasons in June 2021.

Also, after a century of Republican leadership, the Greenwich delegation  is changing. Today, all three members of the House delegation are Democrats.

And, for the first time in the town’s history, there are several hundred more registered Democrats than Republicans, though unaffiliated registered voters are the biggest block.

Nick Simmons addresses the DTC at Eastern Middle School. March 27, 2024 Photo Moore

On Wednesday night, Greenwich Democrats voted for all 37 of their delegate seats at the State Senate nomination convention to be filled by Nick Simmons supporters.

In New Canaan the DTC did likewise, with all 10 of their delegate seats to be filled by Nick Simmons supporters.

Part of the 36th district is in Stamford, and the process has yet to take place there.

On Friday Trevor Crow, who also sought the blessing of the Greenwich DTC, pledged to get behind Mr. Simmons and support the party.

Ms Crow, who previous ran unsuccessfully for Tax Collector in 2021, and then for the State Senate seat in the 36th district in 2022 – coming very close to defeating Senator Fazio – stepped aside graciously on Friday.

“I am stepping down because I want to leave space for Nick to be successful,” she said on Friday via phone. “To turn the 36th district blue we have to marshal our resources and get on the same page.”

“I want us to be cohesive as a party and get us all together and ready to fight hard,” she added.

State Rep Rachel Khanna (D-149), State Rep Hector Arzeno (D-151), Nick Simmons and Steve Meskers (D-150). Photo: Cheryl Moss

For his part, Mr. Simmons said, “We hear again and again from residents in Greenwich, Stamford and New Canaan that they want elected leaders who can grow the economy, fight for a balanced state budget, keep taxes low, fix our congested highways and slow railways, and actually represent our values on gun safety and women’s rights.”

“That is what our campaign is all about,” he added. “Responding to the everyday needs of the people we serve and fighting relentlessly to make their lives better.”

“I want to thank Trevor Crow for a hard fought campaign and for everything she has done for the Democratic Party and for the towns of Greenwich, Stamford and New Canaan,” he added. “She has brought talent, vibrancy and professionalism to all aspects of the Party and all have been made better because of her leadership.”

New DTC chair Christina Downey and outgoing DTC chair Joe Angland. March 27, 2024 Photo: Cheryl Moss

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