Following Recount, Fazio Announces Win for 2nd Term in CT’s 36th Senate District

Following a close vote during last Tuesday’s elections that saw history made with three Democrats winning seats in the General Assembly – Rachel Khanna (D-149), Hector Arzeno (D-151) and Steve Meskers (D-150) – a recount was triggered in the State Senate race in the 36th district between Democrat Trevor Crow and incumbent Republican Ryan Fazio who was seeking a second term.

The 36th district includes Greenwich and parts of both Stamford and New Canaan.

On Wednesday afternoon, Senator Fazio issued a statement saying that after counting and recounting every vote in Greenwich, Stamford and New Canaan he was grateful to win another term as
state senator.

“Thank you to the voters of Greenwich, Stamford, and New Canaan for putting your trust in me to serve you again,” Fazio said. “Representing my home district is the honor of a lifetime, and I feel more energized than ever to get to work for another term. I will work hard every day to represent every resident of our district faithfully and make our district and state a better place.”

Fazio said he loved his community and believed the district was “the best place in the best state in the best country.”

“We have good people, a strong community, and every other advantage imaginable. In spite of this, our state faces immense challenges—from our economy to local control to public safety and beyond—largely because of failures of state policy. We need positive leadership to make our state the best and easiest place to work, raise a family, and retire. I will continue to work tirelessly to help make that vision a reality.”

He went on to thank his campaign team, volunteers and staff and volunteers at Greenwich Town Hall, Stamford Government Center, and New Canaan Town Hall for their participation in the election process.

“If I learned one thing away from voters this campaign, it was that they want our politics to prioritize
governing, solutions, and progress. Voters are tired of the cynicism and divisiveness of politics and want officials to build coalitions and solve problems. They understand that the most powerful tool of
leadership is not speaking but listening. I am not and will not be a perfect senator, but I will do my best
to listen, reach out, solve problems, and represent you with a servant’s heart. Together, we can create a brighter future for everybody in our community and the entire state of Connecticut.”

“Thank you for the privilege to serve and God bless,” Fazio said.

Comment from Democratic challenger Trevor Crow on the result of the recount.

Statement from Trevor Crow, 6:35pm:

“I want to thank the hard work of our poll workers, registrars of voters and lawyers throughout the recanvass process.”

“Given our narrow defeat, we see our hard work,  dedication and message resonated with the voters of Greenwich, Stamford and New Canaan. Voters showed they care about women’s reproductive rights, safe gun laws and business growth for our state.”

“My team’s dedication, hard work and commitment never wavered. I am so proud of our collective effort and focus on a clear, kind and human message. We care about women, families, about equality, diversity and inclusion. We want our children to attend school without the fear of being killed in their classrooms and we want women to continue to have the right to choose what they want to do with their bodies. We want our government to work for us and to keep us safe. “

As of 6:20pm, the CT Secretary of State Website has these unofficial results:

Crow 21,378

Fazio 21,467

New Canaan

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