Connecticut League of Conservation Voters Disputes Camillo’s Claim on Environmental Scores

The Connecticut League of Conservation Voters sent a letter this week saying State Rep. Fred Camillo (R-151) had sent multiple messages to constituents touting his environmental score and utilizing the organization’s logo.

“The information on these mailings is deeply misleading, as Rep Camillo states he received a 100% score on environmental issues,” the letter said, adding that while Camillo did receive a 100% back in 2015, his Lifetime Score is 73% and his 2018 score was 88%.

“We have not yet released our 2019 Environmental Scorecard, and therefore we cannot share his score this last session,” they added. “The Connecticut League of Conservation Voters has not to date endorsed Rep Camillo or recognized him as an environmental champion in any regard.”

“This was a mistake,” Camillo said in an email after a request for comment. “When you click on the link, it apparently goes to the information saying it was 2015, not 2019.”

“When I saw it, I called my legislative aide asking if I received a 100% score this year as the grades come out in October,” Camillo explained. “While I don’t care much about scorecards, I was surprised as the email was misleading to the point that even I thought it was for 2019.”

“If this is all the Democrats have, then they truly are desperate,” Camillo said.

The Connecticut League of Conservation Voters group records of their previous endorsements on their Election Hub.

Voters can also check lawmakers’ voting records and scores from previous sessions by looking at their Scorecard.

While The Connecticut League of Conservation Voters strongly encourages lawmakers to share their scores and environmental voting record with members, they say they also request that such communications are accurate and transparent.

“We are always on the watch for attempts to use our materials to misrepresent or inflate a lawmaker’s environmental record, or imply affiliation with our organization where none exists,” wrote Lori Brown, Executive Director of the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters.