Permits Sought for Multi-Family in Long Empty Lot

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 9.08.16 AMAt East Putnam Ave and Nassau Place, the lot has been empty for so long, it’s hard to imagine a more complete streetscape. The vegetation was cleared a few years ago and, more recently gravel was spread through the heart of the site.

The lot, referred to as 0 East Putnam Ave, will be discussed at the Jan. 27 Planning and Zoning meeting.

And while, for now, orange safety netting and yellow tape avert trespassers along the popular one-way cut through from Rt 1 to Valley Road, before long a three-unit multi-family dwelling may be constructed.

The owners of the lot, Nassau Ridge LLC, registered to Kevin O’Brien, 52 Dandy Drive, is on the Jan. 27 agenda with applications for a final coastal site plan and special permit, to construct a new three-unit multi-family dwelling, new driveway, parking court, and associated site improvements on the 13,798 sq. ft. property, which is located in the R-6 zone.

Why is the address 0 East Putnam Ave if Little Pub across the street is #531? According to the Greenwich Assessor’s office, this scenario is not entirely uncommon. An undeveloped lot may not have a street address until a building is completed and needs a mailing address. Then the post office will assign an address to the residents of the building based on what number is unused and fits the sequence of the numbers on the street.