105 Unit, Five-Story 8-30g Proposed to Replace Two Historic Tudor Homes behind Greenwich Library

A new pre-application has been submitted for review by Greenwich Planning & Zoning Commission for an 8-30g affordable housing development behind Greenwich Library.

The 105-unit development would replace two historic Tudor houses on adjoining parcels at 51 and 69 Dearfield Drive.

On a combined basis, the property is approximately 4.7 acres in the R-12 residential zone.

The attorney representing the applicant is John Tesei.

The architect is Granoff Associates.

There are two types of 8-30g projects. One is “government assisted,” which is the type or proposal at Comy Ave and Pemberwick Rd.

The Dearfield Drive would be a “set aside” development where 30% or 32 units would be affordable.

The apartments would be one-, two- and three-bedroom units. There would be 130 parking spaces plus five ADA parking spots.

The development would have a two-level parking garage under a five-story multi-family residential building, which would feature a rooftop terrace amenity.

Per the narrative, it is expected the total Green Area on the property would exceed three acres.

The applicant’s narrative notes that the Dearfield Drive location is ideally located downtown in walking distance to transportation and amenities.

The property owners are five LLCs:

51 Dearfield LLC – registered to John P Tesei
53 Purchase LLC – registered to John Fareri
JSM Partners LLC – registerd to John Fareri
Brenview LLC – registered to John Fareri
3 Stonington LLC – registered to John Fareri

51 Dearfield Drive sold from 51 Dearfield LLC to 53 Purchase LLC on June 11, 2018 for $5,633,333

69 Dearfield Drive sold from Judith and Edwin Paul to Brenview LLC, JSM Partners LLC, and 51 Dearfield on Aug 8, 2008 for $4,000,000