S.E. Minor Celebrates the Retirement of William “Billy” Reid, Veteran Survey Party Chief

After an illustrious 48-year career with S.E. Minor, William “Billy” Reid is retiring from his role as Field Crew Chief.

Joining the company in August 1976, Billy’s exceptional skills soon elevated him to Party Chief within the Land Surveying Department.

Known for his precision, leadership, and commitment to excellence, Billy has been instrumental in upholding and enhancing S.E. Minor’s reputation in land surveying.

His dedication to the field and mentoring of new surveyors has left an indelible mark on the company as well as the industry.

Billy Reid at work in the 1990’s. Contributed photo

The Reid family has been an integral part of the Greenwich community for generations. Billy’s wife, Elizabeth, is a nurse at Eagle Hill School, and their son, Mike, is a Math Coordinator for Greenwich Public Schools. Their daughter, Bonnie (Reid) Calderon, taught at Brunswick School and North Mianus School, and now continues her career at the Wheeler School in Providence, Rhode Island.

In retirement, Reid looks forward to perfecting his golf swing and enjoying time with his grandchildren.

“But don’t be surprised to see him back at S.E. Minor part-time this fall, bringing his expertise, mentorship and maybe a few golf stories to share,” the company said in a release.

In honor of Reid’s retirement, S.E. Minor is hosting a farewell celebration in Greenwich on June 27, 2024, where colleagues and friends will gather to celebrate his remarkable career.

The Reid family. Billy Reid, second from left.