PHOTOS: Newly Opened Antiques Store in Greenwich, Gallery 1938, is Spacious, Bright and Welcoming

A spacious new antiques store, Gallery 1938, recently opened after an extensive renovation at 470 West Putnam Ave with over 3,000 sq of merchandise on three levels.

The brick and mortar business in Greenwich fulfills a dream of the owner, Amit Bhagat, who has been in the antiques business for decades, with participation in regional antiques shows from New England to Florida, and spaces in multi-dealer shops like the former Hiden Galleries in Stamford.

His shop in Greenwich, which was previously home to a bridal shop for decades, is unlike many antique shops as it is not only spacious, but uncluttered and bright, with walls of windows.

“I love people and encourage customers to come browse with their cup of coffee and snack, and even bring their dog,” Bhagat said during a visit on Friday.

If you enjoy antiques, we recommend visiting Bhagat who is both knowledgeable and welcoming.

Expect to find a variety of handpicked treasures, art, and home furnishings.

Amit Bhagat at one of the pair of real Irish pub tables that came from New York City. Photo: Leslie Yager Jan 5, 2024

Rose marble table top over a base made of Balinese copper birds. Photo: Leslie Yager Jan 5, 2024

Bhagat specializes in antique mirrors, rugs and marble table tops with beveled edges that reflect the craftsmanship of a bygone era.

The European marble table tops are from Italy, Portugal and France, and the details are all hand done.

“It was labor intense,” he explained. “Now the craftsmanship is gone. Marble is all cut by machine.”

Gallery 1938 also features abundant mid-century, Pennsylvania Amish, French and traditional pieces.

Bhagat has an eye for antiques that are sought out by customers, and keeps his shop uncluttered, rotating in new merchandise constantly as he has extensive off-site storage.

With our eye drawn to a 130+ year old Antique Persian Tabriz rug with patina, Bhagat said, “This is what people in Greenwich love. It’s not a fad – it’s a tradition.”

“It’s nostalgic and reminds people of something. People connect with things they grew up with,” he added.

Bhagat said he also specializes in the cleaning, washing and restoration of antique rugs.

“This is a treasure shop. You never know what you’re going to find,” Bhagat said.

Gallery 1938 is located at 470 West Putnam Ave, adjacent to Corbo’s and a stone’s throw from Anthropologie.

Open Wednesday through Sundays, 12:00-5:00pm. Closed Monday and Tuesday.

Call or text for information: (203) 246-2924.

Find Gallery 1938 on Instagram at @Gallery_1938

New York City Irish pub tables and bottle holder. Photo: Leslie Yager Jan 5, 2024

Pennsylvania Amish Marble Table Set with Venetian Pedestals from the 1930s. Photo: Leslie Yager Jan 5, 2024

Among the many rugs was this 130+ year old Antique Persian Tabriz rug with patina. Photo: Leslie Yager Jan 5, 2024

Children’s wooden frog ride from the Madison Fair, circa 1930. Photo: Leslie Yager Jan 5, 2024

Somellier’s Wine Tasting and food pairing table with six mid-century chairs, all custom made at Gallery 1938.

Bright and airy second floor at Gallery 1938 antiques store. Photo: Leslie Yager Jan 5, 2024

View of Gallery 1938 first floor: Lower right corner is a metal container a Tibetan Monk carried to worship. Photo: Leslie Yager Jan 5, 2024

View from third floor to second floor, replete with mirrors, vintage rugs, marble table tops and the Irish pub tables from New York City. Photo: Leslie Yager Jan 5, 2024

African wood sculpture (foreground) and cast aluminum Herons on stairs. Photo: Leslie Yager Jan 5, 2024